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Same Juice, Different Bottle
Top Designer Fragrances At Cost
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14th-Jun-2021 10:15 pm - RULES
Official PayPal Seal

PAYMENT: USD ONLY. Paypal Only.  Paypal fees will be calculated using this site: http://www.ppcalc.com

SHIPPING: I will ship anywhere in the world. Buyer pays shipping. I ship out of Phoenix, Arizona several times a week.  Due to the contents of the bottle, USPS will not ship anywhere in the US via air-- thus expect shipping to take any where between 6-7 business days or more depending on where you are.

TRADES: I do not trade so please don't bother asking.

ETC: I deal with rendition fragrances as well as designer fragrances, though the majority of my market is renditions..  What is a rendition fragrance?  Basically it's the same exact fragrance but it comes in a different bottle and different packaging.  This ensures that cost are low and you aren't paying an enormous amount for a bottle/packaging that ends up in the trash after you've used its contents.

Please take a minute to visit the feedback section and let others know about your experiance.

Paypal E-mail Address [(additonal paypal fees will be added)]:
Delivery confirmation(add $0.65 - strongly suggested to protect both of us): yes/no
Insurance(add $1.75): yes/no
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Comments or Questions:

**Please make sure your email is correct as that is how I will contact you**
14th-Jun-2020 10:20 pm - The Product
Below is a sample of the fragrances promoted by myself and the company I work with.  All bottles are 3.4ounces, Eau de Parfume which is a higher grade then what is found in the stores, thus the scent last longer and the product is much better for your skin.  The fragrances are in the promotional bottles which helps to save on cost for the department stores that we work with.  If you're unsure as to what a promotional tester is, it is the bottles that you see when you walk in to big department stores like Macy's or Dillards that are used to give the customer a chance to sample the fragrance.

The Product

If you have further questions regarding the product shown feel free to ask and I will answer them as soon as I can. :)
13th-Jun-2020 10:31 pm - Transactions
Below is a list of the current transactions.  All transactions paid via Paypal will be placed on hold until the funds have been transferred into my bank account.  This process takes anywhere between 3-4 business days.

14th-Jun-2008 10:36 pm - Feedback
Please list positive, neutral, or negative in the comment subject line. Also, feel free to shoot me any suggestions by contacting me via e-mail at: innovative.mgmt@gmail.com. Please note that not all of my buyers have left feedback.


13th-Jun-2008 10:54 pm - Fragrances
Currently In Stock
The following is a list of fragrances that I myself currently have in stock.  What this means is that I own the product directly and can ship as soon as payment goes through.  I highly recommend that you choose from the product below so you don't have to await shipment from my company.  Please note this option is only available to those who are using Paypal as their method of payment.

                                                                       Women's Fragrances
(2) Happy - Clinique;  $35
(3) Baby Doll - Yves St. Laurent;  $35
(2) Light Blue - Dolce Gabbana;  $40
Very Sexy - Victoria's Secret;  $40
Hugo Boss - Hugo Boss;  $35
Touch - Burberry;  $40

Men's Fragrances
Happy - Clinique;  $35
Cool Water - Cool Water;  $35
(2) Acqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani;  $30
Unforgivable - Sean Jean;  $40
CK One - Calvin Klein;  $40
Chrome - Azzaro;  $40

All Rendition Fragrances
The following is a list of all the rendition fragrances promoted by our company.  This list may change weekly depending on what designers are in the top 25.  The following is purchasable via Paypal or credit card-- however any Paypal transactions will be delayed until the funds hit my account.

Women's Fragrances
Baby Doll- Yves St Laurent;  $35
Be Delicious - DKNY (currently out of stock, expecting a shipment soon);  $45
Cool Water - Davidoff;  $35
Curious - Britney Spears;  $35
Curve - Liz Claiborne;  $40
DKNY - Donna Karan;  $40
Dolce Gabbana - Dolce Gabbana;  $35
Happy - Clinique;  $35
Hugo Boss - Hugo Boss;  $35
Issey Miyake - Issey Miyake;  $45
Jean Paul Gaultier - Jean Paul Gaultier;  $40
Light Blue - Dolce Gabbana;  $40
Miracle - Lancome;  $35
Pleasures - Estee Lauder;  $35
Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren;  $35
Polo Sport - Ralph Lauren;  $35
Ralph - Ralph Lauren;  $35
Romance - Ralph Lauren;  $35
Tommy Girl - Tommy Hilfiger;  $35
Touch - Burberry;  $40
True Star - Tommy Hilfiger;  $35
Very Sexy - Victoria's Secret;  $40

Men's Fragrances
Acqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani;  $30
Be Delicious - DKNY;  $45
Chrome - Azzaro;  $40
CK Be - Calvin Klein;  $35
CK One - Calvin Klein;  $40
Cool Water - Davidoff;  $35
Curve - Liz Claiborne;  $35
Drakkar - Guy Laroche;  $40
Happy - Clinique;  $35
Hugo Boss - Hugo Boss;  $35
Issey Miyake - Issey Miyake;  $45
Jean Paul Gaultier - Jean Paul Gaultier;  $40
Pleasures - Estee Lauder;  $35
Polo - Ralph Lauren;  $35
Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren;  $35
Romance - Ralph Lauren;  $35
Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Hilfiger;  $35
Touch - Burberry;  $40
Unforgivable - Sean Jean;  $45
Very Sexy - Victoria's Secret;  $40
Weekend - Burberry;  $40

The More You Buy, The More You Save
All rendition fragrances are between $35-$45, depending on the fragrance.  However, if you decide to buy more then two fragrances, I will cut you a better deal.

Designer Fragrances
My company not only deals with rendition fragrances but we also deal with a very select list of designer fragrances.  These come in a varying ounces and in a lower grade then the rendition fragrances listed above.  They are also a bit more expensive due to the type of packaging they are placed in.  If you'd like a list of our designer fragrances, feel free to comment below and I will e-mail them to you with a list of prices.
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